a: something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection

b: something (as material evidence or a formal attestation) that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question.

This website was started to give the Heinle family a place to keep current with updates on Charles’ last days. And then it was where we published all the memorial gathering information.

Now, this site will be transforming into a collection of Charles Heinle’s works (both poetry and non-fiction relating to language acquisition and etc.), a gallery of images of him, and just generally a place to go to find out about this great man … or if knew him, and you miss him and want to see his smiling face or read some of his poetry.

This site is a labour of love done primarily by his daughter Elisabeth Weir, with help from family and friends. It will be updated randomly, but not infrequently.

3 Responses to About

  • Jim Roberts says:

    I turned to this website to get information about Charles Heinle’s
    expertise on language learning. I got his name from a book entitled “Learning Languages”.
    Would love to know if I mistakenly turned to this web site or just didn’t decipher in the right place here.

    • Elisabeth says:


      There will be more to come on this website about Charles’ amazing career in teaching languages and his work with the Pimsleur Language Program.

      But sadly, for now, this website is just all about honouring his memory, as he passed away in July 2012.

  • Phyllis Dobbins says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tribute!
    Your father influenced my entire career and I will be eternally grateful.
    I’d love to send you more details, so please let me know how to reach you privately.

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