Attention everyone: The nurses are now estimating that Charles has only anywhere from 48-72 hours left.

He has completely stopped eating and drinking at this point. He is on medicine to keep him comfortable.

Beverly, Kate, and I are spending as long as we can sitting by his bed, taking breaks only when we must.

We tell him we love him frequently. And we’ve been reading to him: the children’s books he read to us, growing up.

I am home now for a sleeping break. Tomorrow I will be bringing in a digital music player stuffed with his favourite classical pieces. I hope some of it can get through to him, even on a subconscious level, and bring him comfort and tranquility.

I will not update this again until he is finally resting in peace.

Charles has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia for some years now, with a long slow decline. In the past week, however, he has taken a severe downturn, and he is now not expected to survive more than a few weeks.

Charles is currently in Concord Health Care Center’s Alzheimer’s wing, where he has been admitted to Hospice care.

He is visited daily.

Check back here soon for further updates and news.

Thinking of visiting Charles?

Charles is no longer responsive and is having extreme difficulty recognizing people.

Charles was always a dignified and independent man. Please respect his dignity and choose to remember him as he was.

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