It’s been too long since I updated the Posthumous notes from Charles Project — it is ironic that the business of life gets in the way of taking the time to honour and remember the dead.

Today’s random draw brings us this fabulous quote:

Charles Heinle Notes #2

If you can’t read it in the image, it says,

When an elderly person dies, I say, ‘There goes one who has done his work.’

When a younger person dies, I say, ‘We must work doubly harder to make up for the loss of one who could have done something.’

Well, Charles made sure we never had to make up for any lack of his “doing something.” Indeed, I think anyone who knew him would agree that in his 95 years, he did enough for at about ten hard-working people! What we can all admire about Charles is that he did something — and he kept doing it until the Alzheimer’s cut his life’s work short. (Although not “short” by any normal standard — still, we can all agree that “normal” was not a word that applied to Charles A. S. Heinle!)

Charles Heinle Notes #2

We’ll probably never know where that quote came from (a Google search yields nothing helpful), so all we can know of it is that Charles read it somewhere, and it resonated enough with him to take the time to write in down, so he could review it and remember it.

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  • Jacob Aud says:

    I never met Mr Charles Heinle face-to-face. But we did have several phone conversations and he was a genuine, sincere and kind man who really wanted to help others learn and learn languages so as to help them to have a fuller, more successful life… In fact, he sent me – for free – his personal set of Pimsleur Mandarin I tapes that he used in demonstrations. What an act of genuine kindness – he was excited that I was going to China to help the Chinese in education.

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